Convictions & Practices


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The Four Convictions of the Ambassador


1. Reconciliation – God’s Promise

We are convicted by the fact that Jesus Christ was sent into the world to reconcile lost sinners back to God. What this means is that reconciliation is the first step in our mission. We are committed at Ambassadors to proclaim, teach, and expound the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is no greater reality in our minds. We are committed to this endeavor.

2. Restoration – God’s People

We are convicted that once reconciliation with God has taken place, there is a place these reconciled individuals belong—among God’s people. Restoration is a two pronged commitment for Ambassadors. The first aspect of restoration is the process where we bring those who have been reconciled into fellowship with the Body of Christ. The second is where we are committed to bring back into fellowship any and all who so desire who, for whatever reason, have been at a distance from the fellowship of believers.

3. Discipleship – God’s Process

We are convicted that all believers must be involved in a process of intentional spiritual growth. This process is called discipleship. We have organized our church to both foster and encourage this process. Discipleship takes place within the church and under the instruction of qualified leaders and pastors. At Ambassadors we are committed to help all who have been reconciled to God and restored to the church find place to grow individually and serve the Kingdom of God corporately.

4. Spiritual Health – God’s Purpose

We are convicted that Spiritual Health is the ultimate aim of God Reconciling, Restoring and Discipling every person who has been saved. When Ambassadors speak of Spiritual Health we are talking about a specific reality related to our spiritual development. We all because of our own sin and the sinful actions of others have been wounded. These spiritual injures have altered our understanding of self, others, and God. Because of these changed perceptions we may act (knowingly or unknowingly) in ways that are harmful to us and those around us.

We are committed to helping people discover the source(s) of their spiritual injuries and to overcome them by applying the healing truth of the Gospel. Spiritual Health is more than “getting over” what has happened. We believe that spiritual healing can, has and will take place when we give ourselves over to God totally by understanding the way things are, not what we wished they were.


Two Practices of an Ambassador


Read the Bible:

  • To discover God’s revealed character: The Bible’s primary purpose is to reveal who God is. Every story, event, and divine intervention has the purpose of making God known to us. Whenever a person reads the Bible and is not able to discern a quality of God’s character, they need to continue reading because they have not properly understood God’s message about Himself in the text.

  • To discover the human condition: The second primary purpose of the Bible to reveal to us the irreparable damage sin has had in our souls. Every story, event, or personality has the purpose of revealing God’s character or revealing the human sinful condition. Whenever we read the Bible one of these two purposes, or both, must become clear if we are going to claim to have understood God’s message.

  • The Bible is NOT God’s way of telling us how to behave, how to feel, or how to fix ourselves. The Bible is God’s way to reveal what is needed to repair the broken fellowship between Him and us. Thus, the Bible is not a book about gimmicks, tricks, or suggestions for better living. The better living would come as our relationship with God and neighbor are repaired through our reconciliation with God first. That is what makes possible our reconciliation with our neighbor.

Go to Where the Church Gathers:

  • To hear one truth that will replace one lie. This means that we have accepted many cultural and social lies that have enslaved us. The only way to become free from the lies of the world is to replace those lies with a truth from God. As we learn more about the truth revealed in the person of Jesus Christ, we become freer from the bondage of sin and the world. The truth that proceeds from Jesus will set us free, but in order for this freedom to become effective, we must use the truth to erase a lie from our lives. Example: A person believes that God cannot love them. This is a lie. The truth is that “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” The truth about God’s love will make the person free from his sin.

  • To train their ears to identify God’s voice. This means to us that the only way to train our ears to hear God’s voice is to hear the proclamation of the Gospel in such a way that God is the center of preaching. Many voices in the spiritual world can mimic God’s voice, and unless you ears are trained to identify God’s voice, we can be easily confused and deceived.

  • To develop lasting friendships with other believers. This means that one of the vital functions of the Church is to provide every believer with a community. This community serves as a place of rest, instruction, preparation, and coordination for Kingdom work.