Vision & Mission


Sunday: 10AM Ambassadors Español - 11AM Ambassadors | Wednesday: 6:30PM Family Night

Our Vision 

We believe every person needs to have a trusting friendship with God and others.

Our Mission

Building Lasting Friendships

Ambassadors of Christ Fellowship is a Christ-centered ministry dedicated to discipleship and spiritual health. The good news of the Gospel is our most priced asset and the fellowship of God’s people is our most significant activity. 

More than just a building, the church is a gathering of God’s people. Each Sunday we gather to listen to Biblical teaching and worship as a community. Regardless of which roof we’re under, our purpose remains to love and honor Jesus and to love and serve our neighbor. The mission of Ambassadors of Christ Fellowship is defined through four major emphasis:

  • Reconciliation: to repair people’s damaged intimacy with God
  • Restoration: to bring people back to fellowship with the church
  • Discipleship: to equip the saints for the works of service
  • Spiritual Health: to heal the broken spirits

If you are looking for a fellowship of believers who love God, serve Jesus and are led by the Holy Spirit, then come and worship with us every Sunday morning! You can read more about our services here.